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We Have The Power

It’s a common sight on UK and European roads to see our generators travelling to, or back from their latest assignment. Our centre of operations is in West London, close to good road and motorway links and we have a number of regional bases across the country.

Strategic forward planning ensures that we deploy vehicles effectively, and with our environmental impact in mind, efficiently and responsibly. Our real-time vehicle tracking & management system means that we have the option to re-route the units in response to operational requirements or short notice changes.

For any live televised event, an unbroken power supply is paramount. Our discretely badged, bespoke vehicles are designed to integrate seamlessly into an outside broadcast environment, delivering robust, continuous power within minutes of arriving on location, giving OB Unit Managers one less thing to worry about during the highly charged atmosphere of a live television event.

The units are designed and coach built to run virtually silently. Inbuilt twin power plants utilising state of the art synchronising technology generate and deliver power through a comprehensive, flexible distribution system, backed up by long range fuel tanks enabling seamless power supply for extended productions.

Maintained by specialist engineers within strict servicing criteria, frequently tested for electrical safety and constantly modified to improve performance and reliability the Film & TV Services fleet is the market leader in its sector.

Whatever your generation requirements we have the power. From small Honda units you can put your boot to Multi-Megawatt units delivered to location to power the largest sports event compound.