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Client Testimonials

Arena Television
Oliver Guess | Client Manager | Arena Television

As a company we are constantly striving to be attentive, professional and current within the OB market.  In order to do this, we must also ask this of our partners.  Film & TV services have consistently done this for Arena TV over countless years and complicated projects.  I admire their level of service they offer to us and the 24/7 attitude to their operations.  The personal approach they have is appreciated on a daily basis and plays a huge part to the success of our OB or project.  They truly are like part of the family who have our interests at the forefront of their minds at all times.

CTV Outside Broadcast
Bill Morris | Int'l Business Director | CTV Outside Broadcasts

Film and TV Lighting are quite simply the best Television Lighting and Power supplier in the UK.  Their attention to detail and service ethos stands them head and shoulders above the competition.  As a Technical Producer in the Outside Broadcast sector, planning and managing major Live events broadcasts, I look for three key facets when working with suppliers; reliability, redundancy and above all guaranteed delivery,

F&TV have never once let me down. Their good humoured and professional service is instantly apparent from the top down. Eddie Fegan, Managing Director of the operation is a universally respected veteran in his field. His straightforward and honest business conduct is reflected throughout the organization.

The company’s large cohort of equipment is always stringently tested, well maintained and fit for purpose. Their engineering support is second to none, with a team of motivated, fully qualified electricians, all experts in their craft.

Film and TV Lighting Services clearly continue to set the standard against which the rest of the industry is judged.

SKY Sports
Keith Lane | Director Of Operations | SKY Sports

Film and TV have supplied Generation and Lighting services to Sky and Sky Sports for past 25 years, they have been a provider that has delivered a first class service and equipment and are an integral part of Outside Broadcasts. As a company changes and grows as Sky has, it’s been reassuring to know that you can rely upon Film and TV Services to meet and exceed those changes and demands as well

NEP Broadcast
John Turnbull | Deputy Managing Director | NEP Broadcast

Film & TV Services are the suppliers of power and lighting for many of our major contracts and projects. Over the years they have always provided excellent facilities and crew. Their support and commitment to the projects we work on has been a key factor and one of the reasons I have chosen to work with them for 20 years.

Sky News
Jackie Faulkner | Director Of Operations | Sky News

I have worked with Film and TV for nearly 30 years. For SKY News it’s second nature to call them for lighting and generation, they know our needs as well as we know our own. The staff give you 100%. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sandra Smith |Director of Production | Initial (Part of the Endemol Shine Group)

Initial have an established and valued working relationship with Film & TV Services and have worked with them for over 15 years. They have provided lighting, generators and electrical services on Big Brother throughout the run. Their experienced staff and professionalism have enabled us to develop Big Brother over the years and are integral to Big Brother tasks, house and live shows.  Film & TV Services are part of the Big Brother team and we value our working partnership.

SKY Production Services
Darren Long | Director of SKY Production Services

I’ve been a customer of Film and TV Services (FTVS) for many years during my time running Sky Sports Operations for 15 Years and now running Sky Productions Services for Sky. I’ve always relied very heavily on FTVS for all my lighting, lighting people and Generator hire and without doubt FTVS have been a very integral and incredibly important part of the productions that Sky have had to cover. No job has either been too small or too big for FTVS they don’t just turn up and provide services they are your team out to deliver the very best in service to their customers. Their equipment and people are the ‘best of breed’ in their area of specialisation and if you want to hire generators that are the very best for your important productions there are very few places you’d get the level of build and reliability that FTVS have to offer. FTVS aren’t just offering a service they are offering you experience, quality and reliability that is very hard to find elsewhere in the industry.

CTV Outside Broadcasts
Barry Johnstone | Managing Director | CTV Outside Broadcasts

CTV have been a client of Film & TV since 1982… Why? Because simply, they are the best.